• Shop In Person at Our Farm Store

    ​Most of our customers like to visit the farm to shop for our products 10 AM - 6 PM on weekdays and 9 AM - 5 PM on weekends. The store is located at our Brunner Farm location: 18N681 IL Route 31, Dundee, IL 60118.

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  • Shop Online for Curbside Pickup

    Our online store provides an easy way to stock your freezers with top quality meat bundles or customer wholes and halves (beef and pork) that are ready for pickup at the farm. Customers are able to visit the farm, experience the setting, pick up their boxes without the hassle of browsing through the meat cuts available in the store.

    Orders must be picked up 10 AM - 6 PM on weekdays and 9 AM - 5 PM on weekends. The store is located at our Brunner Farm location: 18N681 IL Route 31, Dundee, IL 60118. 

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  • Shop Online for Home Delivery

    We offer convenient 1-day ground shipping option to your door steps via UPS and/or FedEx to most Midwest states of our grass-fed beef, pastured pork, poultry, and protein mix bundles. We ship every Monday and occasionally Tuesday year round! Meats are packed in insulated boxes and gel packs to keep them frozen until reaching its final destination. 

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More to love at the farm store!

Items available for sale in the farm store ALL YEAR include:

  • Raw Guernsey Milk, available every morning via online sales ONLY
  • Pasture-raised/free range/ corn & soy-free chicken and duck eggs (Jumbo, Large/Xtra Large, and Medium)
  • A variety of grass fed beef cuts (steaks, roasts, ribs, ground beef) sold by the pound
  • A variety of pastured pork cuts (chops, roasts, bacon, ham, sausage) sold by the pound
  • Pasture raised whole and cut up chickens and chicken parts (no corn and no soy pasture raised whole and cut-up chickens also available)
  • Pasture raised turkey parts
  • Cottage Cheese, Yogurts, Cream, Kefirs and Buttermilk from Kalona Supernatural (organic/100% grass fed)
  • Raw milk cheeses from Clover Creek Cheese Cellar (100% grass fed)
  • Fermented Sauerkraut and Pickles in various flavors from Bushel and Pecks and Oregon Brineworks
  • Local Raw Honey
  • Dried black and red beans from Meadowlark (organic)
  • Heirloom wheat, einkorn, spelt, and other grains from Janie's Mill
  • Local canned and pickled items plus hot sauces from Oregon Brineworks, Wienke's Market, Bushel and Pecks
  • Certified organic livestock feed from Cashton Farm Supply (poultry layer and grower, hog feed, dairy feed, goat feed, etc.)
  • ​Tallow and natural body products from Mion Artisan Soaps, Tourmaline Hearth and Mahal Ko
  • Educational books about homesteading, preserving foods, cooking and health.
  • Organic, local teas, herbs and coffee.
  • Snacks free of seed oils and additives you cant pronounce.

Items available in the farm store SEASONALLY include:

  • Pasture-raised chicken and turkeys
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits sold by the pound
  • Herbs and flowers

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